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Register of Ethiopian Social Researchers (RESoRs)

RESoRs is a database of Ethiopian social researchers launched by the Forum for Social Studies (FSS)

Objectives of RESoRs?

·To enhance the international visibility of Ethiopian social researchers

·To facilitate easy access to a rich diversity of Ethiopian expertise for national agencies, regional and international organizations that seek       professional services of consultants, advisors, and teachers

.To enable the FSS identify suitable professionals for its programs and services

·To promote networking and collaboration within Ethiopia’s higher education and research community

·To facilitate easy dissemination of announcements calling for Ethiopian expertise.

RESoRs Features

·Comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date profile of your professional career

·Two options to submit your bio data to RESoRs

·Online access to update your bio data at any time

·Immediate access to information through inclusion on the FSS mailing list.

Are you eligible for RESoRs?

Yes, if you are a social researcher

·With a qualification of a master’s degree or higher

·With a minimum of three or more scholarly publications

What benefits can RESoRs offer you?

·A free medium for promoting the international visibility of your research career

·An opportunity for enhancing your academic mobility

.A channel for easy networking and/or collaborating with peers within and outside Ethiopia

·Better opportunity to benefit from FSS programs and services

·Free subscription to the FSS Update, and electronic newsletter that will regularly provide you with valuable information on upcoming regional  and international workshops and conferences, job vacancies, and consultancy opportunities.

How to submit your bio-data in RESoRs?

· Simply fill in the online bio-data form at http://www.fssethiopia.org, or Download the form and send it to fss@ethionet.et

  Update your CV to incorporate RESoRs queries and send it to fss@ethionet.et

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