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FSS Studies on Poverty

1. Environment, Poverty and Conflict
Editor: Tesfaye Teklu and Tesfaye Tafesse
FSS studies on Poverty No 4
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2. Destitution in Rural Ethiopia: Community and Household Studies in Wag Hamra and South Wello
Editor: Yared Amare
FSS Studies on Poverty No. 3

Rural destitution is a growing phenomenon in Ethiopia, closely associated with population growth, resource scarcity, crop failure and famine. This paper attempts to further our understanding of destitution by discussing its attributes, local developments that contextualize it, and the causes and processes which explain why certain households fall into or emerge from a state of destitution.
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3. Faces of Poverty: Life in Gäta, Wälo
Editor: Harald Aspen
Consultation Paper On Environment: No. 2

Faces of Poverty tells the story of four families in Gäta, South Wälo and depicts their daily lives over a short period of time. The author spent a month in Gäta in 1998, when the area was struck by a long drought and recurrent crop losses. The stories are to a large extent in the words of the people who lived there, providing a rare glimpse of some of the humans behind the grim statistics of poverty and famine in Ethiopia. It is a story about poverty, vulnerability, bad health and lack of education, but most of all it is a story about people and their joys and sorrows, worries and hopes.
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4. Issues in Urban Poverty: Two Selected Papers
Editor: Daniel Kassahun and Meron Assefa
FSS Studies on Poverty No 5
5. Some Aspects of Poverty in Ethiopia: Three selected Papers
Editor: Dessalegn Rahmato, ed.
FSS Studies on Poverty No. 1

The three papers published in this volume were originally presented at the First International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy held here in Addis Ababa on 3-5 January 2003 and organized by the Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA).
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