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1. FSS Bulletin Vol. 1 No.1
Editor: FSS
MEDREK Bulletin No 1

Author: by Yared Amare

Title : Destitution in Ethiopia: Causes and Processes

Author: by Aklilu Kidanu & Hailom Bantayerga

Title : Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS and Young People in Ethiopia
Pav Govindasamy

Author: by Shiferaw Bekele

Title : Challenges of Evaluating the Intellectuals of the Early 20th Century:
A Review Article
2. FSS Bulletin Vol. 1 No.2
Editor: FSS
Author: by Bahru Zewde
Title : Reflections on Higher Education in Ethiopia under Three Regimes

Author: by Damtew Teferra
Title : Re-Engineering Ethiopia's Knowledge Centers

Author: by Dessalegn Rahmato
Title : School Feeding Programs and the Millennium Development Goals

3. FSS Bulletin Vol. 1 No.3
Editor: FSS
Author: by. Kassahun Berhanu
Title : Resettlement and the Quest for Food Security in Ethiopia

Author: by.By Feleke Tadele
Title : The Current Resettlement Program in Ethiopia:
A review of the design and implementation approach
4. FSS Bulletin Vol .1. No. 4
Editor: FSS
Author: by Tessema Chekun Awoke
Title : Coffee cultivation in Ethiopia: Risks and challenges

Author: by Tesfaye Teklu
Title : Environmental stress and increased poverty in arid and semiarid Ethiopia:
A review

Author: Dessalegn Rahmato
Title : Access to water and the Millennium Development Goals
5. FSS Bulletin Vol. 2 No.1
Editor: FSS
Author: by Feleke Tadelle

Title : Partnership in Food-Based Safety Net Programs:
Reflections on a Bottom-up Approach

Author: by Zemedu Worku
Title : Socio-Economic Factors that Limit Food Production in Ethiopia

Author: by Jeffery D. Sachs
Title : Innovative approaches to meeting the Hunger MDG in Africa

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