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21. Issue 1 No. 4
December 1999
Editor: FSS
* From the Editor
* Education and Development
* Debate on IT – Based Education
* Review Article
* Forthcoming Activities of FSS
22. Issue 1 No. 3
July 1999
Editor: FSS
* Commentary
* Development and Public Access to Information
* Review Article: Knowledge for Development
* Forthcoming Activities of FSS New Publication
23. Issue 1 No. 2
February 1999
Editor: FSS
* Commentary
* Think Tanks: A New Venture in Ethiopia?
* FSS Publications
* The Social Reformers of Early Twentieth Century Ethiopia
* Forthcoming Activities of FSS
* Activities of other Organizations
* Building a Research Library
24. FSS Update Issue No. 43
December 2010
Editor: FSS
FSS Workshop on

- Higher Education Issues
By Dr Wanna Leka and Dr Desalegn Chalchisa
Dr Wossenu Yimam and Ato Mulu Nega

- Workshop on Dynamics of Land, Agricultural Investment, Environment and Livelihoods in Rural Ethiopia

“Peasant Entrepreneurship and Rural Poverty Reduction: The Case of Model Farmers in Bure Wereda,West Gojjam Zone”,
by Abeje Berhanu and Ezana Amdework;

“Interactions of Lowland and Highland Economic Systems and Their Implications for Secure and Sustainable Livelihoods of Pastoralists: A Case Study in Northeastern Ethiopia”, by Workneh Negatu;

“Land to Investors: Large-scale Land Deals and Their Implications”, by Dessalegn Rahmato

“Climate Change and Rural Livelihoods: Impacts, Poor Peoples’ Adaptation Experiences and the Implications for Institutional Interventions”
by Alebachew Adem
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25. ARB Volume 5, Number 2
September/ Septembre 2009
Editor: Bahru Zewde
* Dreams from Our Ancestors: Obama and Africa/ Adekeye Adebajo
* The Ethiopian Revolution. War in the Horn of Africa / Jon Abbink
* The Reinvention of the Theory of Failed Morality in Kenya and Africa/ Tom Odhiambo
* The Roots of Political Violence in Zimbabwe/ Bhekinkosi Moyo
* Le statut spirituel et social du saint chez les chrétiens et les musulmans/ Abdelouahab Belgherras
* Tunisie : approches sur la dynamique sociale (1950-2000)/ Christiana Constantopoulou
* Une histoire des rmes élitaires au Maghreb/ Tayeb Rehaïl
* Des migrants si proches et si loin de nous/ Brahim Hadj Slimane
* Myriam Makeba/ Benaouda Lebdai

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