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FSS Update

46. FSS Update Issue No. 2
28th Feb. 2006
Editor: FSS
- FSS Seeks Stakeholders ’Feedback on Draft Strategic Plan
- EC-Civil Society Fund Launched,
- General Assembly of Non-StateActors on the Cotonou Agreement,
- General Assembly of Union of Ethiopian Civil Society Associations Meets
- EEA/EEPRI Launches Fourth Annual Report on the Ethiopian Economy
- AFRODAD and NCA Research Validation Workshop
- New Acquisitions of the FSS Documentation Center
47. FSS Update Issue No. 4
April 2006
Editor: FSS
- “እውቀትን ለትውልድ ማስተላለፍ” Q´v© ¨<ÃÃ
- Workshop on Ethiopia/EU Economic Partnership Agreement
- Climatic Change and Adaptations Workshop
- Debriefing on the Biosafety Protocol
- Ninth Annual Conference of AESE
- IGAD Conference on Quest for a Culture of Peace
- New Acquisitions of FSS Documentation Center
- Obituary
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48. FSS Update Issue No. 5
May 2006
Editor: FSS
- National Food Security Network Launching Workshop,
- Soils for Sustainable Development,
- Stakeholder Workshop on Sustainable Land Management,
- Beyond numbers – Towards transformative leadership’,
- International Multistakeholder Forum on the Cutflower Industry,
- Public Lecture on Indigenous Trees and Global Environmental Crisis,
- New Acquisitions of FSS Documentation Center
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49. FSS Update Issue No. 8
August 2006
Editor: FSS
- 2nd UECSA Discussion Forum on Civil Society
- Election of CSO/NGO Representatives to PBS Steering Committee
- New Executive Committee for ELIA
- New Acquisitions of FSS Documentation Center
- Research Grants and fellowships
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