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FSS Update

21. FSS Update Issue No. 30
Sept-Oct 2008
Editor: FSS
- Workshop on Academic Freedom in East African Universities
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22. FSS Update Issue No. 31
Nov-Dec 2008
Editor: FSS
- FSS Holds Regional Workshop on Climate Change in Southern Ethiopia
- የከተማ ድህነት አውደ ጥናት
- CODESRIA Holds 12th General Assembly
- National Conference on Ecological Agriculture
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23. FSS Update Issue No. 9
September 2006
Editor: FSS
- ተካ ኤገኖ፣ አንጋፋው ኢንተርፕረነር
- Research on Productivity Safety Net Programmes
- “Society, State & Identity in African History” : Call for conference papers
- “Children and Youth in Ethiopia: Research, Policy and Practice” Preliminary call for papers,
- Balzan Prizes- International E. Balzan Prize Foundation
- New Acquisitions of FSS Documentation Centre

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24. FSS Update Issue No. 10
October 2006
Editor: FSS
- FSS Partners Day
- Symposium on Sustainable Water Resources Development,
- Symposium on Sustainable Water Resources Development,
- የፀረ ፌስታል ቀን ተከበረ
- “Society, State & Identity in African History”: Call for conference papers
- New Acquisitions of FSS Documentation Centre
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25. FSS Update Issue No. 11
November 2006
Editor: FSS
- FSS Wins EU Grant
- ወባን ለማጥፋት ስለተደረገው እንቅስቃሴ ሕዝባዊ ውይይት፣- Global Colloquium on Research and Higher Education Policy
- FSS Participates in Evaluation of NPA Humanitarian Mine Action Project in Ethiopia
- Nine-Year Assessment of the Road Sector Development Program
- Panel Discussion on Impact of Escalation of Petrol Price on the Ethiopian Economy Launch of the PANE Pilot Citizens Report Card (CRC) Study
- ACORD Awareness Creation Workshop on WTO and EPAs
- New Acquisitions of the FSS Documentation Center
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