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Latest Publications

61. FSS Policy Briefing No 24
ነሐሴ 2002 ዓ.ም.
Author: ፐርኒል ሶረንሰን እና ሰሎሜ በቀለ
የችጋር ኑሮና የዕርዳታ ሚና በሰሜን ወሎ
62. Micro- and Small Enterprises as Vehicles for Poverty Reduction, Employment Creation and Business Development: The Ethiopian Experience
Author: Tegegne Gebre-Egziabher and Meheret Ayenew
FSS Research Report: No. 6

In many countries, there is now a wide recognition of the contribution of micro- and small enterprises (MSEs) to economic growth. In a cross-section of both developed and emerging economies, the contribution of the MSE sector to total employment, entrepreneurship and innovation cannot be underestimated. For example, this sector generates about 6.2 percent of the aggregate employment in the United States, 22.3 percent in China, about 80 percent in India, 67 percent in Japan and about 70 percent in EU countries (Carter and Jones-Evans 2004). To further underscore the social and economic importance of micro- and small enterprises, one UN study indicated that the sector represented 99 percent of all enterprises and provided around 65 million jobs in EU countries (UNCTAD 2005).
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63. National Air Carriers as Catalysts for Development: The Case of Ethiopian Airlines ( No. 5 )
Author: Semret Medhane
In this panel presentation, the author, the first Ethiopian General Manager of Ethiopian Airlines, recounts its growth and expansion, and its role as a catalyst of national development.
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64. ARB Volume 6, Number 1
March/Mars 2010
Editor: Bahru Zewde
* Armed Struggle and a Better Future: Dubious Connections/ Tekeste Negash
* African Higher Education in the Context of Internationalization: Altruistic Partnerships or Global / Oanda Ogachi
* Historicising the Ndebele/ James Muz`ondidya
* Tradition, Modernity and Ways of Knowing / Artwell Nhemachena
* Le développement de L’Autre sous-développement en Tunisie/ Mahmoud Dhaouadi
* Naguib Mahfouz, le « Si Essayed » de la littérature arabe/ Nebia Dadoua Hadria
* Penser le Maghreb avec Abdelkebir Khatibi (1938-2009)/ Mohamed Hirreche Baghdad
* et Mohamed Kamel Abd-lillah
* Ibn Tufayl, Defoe, Coetzee : le voyage du verbe/ Sidi Mohammed Lakhdar Barka
* Penser la (post)colonie/ Matthieu Renault
* Compte rendu du colloque international sur « Frantz Fanon » organisé par le Centre national de recherches préhistoriques anthropologiques et historiques (CNRPAH) dans le cadre du 2ème festival culturel panafricain d’Alger (5-20 juillet 2009)/ Khedidja Mokeddem
Editor: Tenkir Bonger
Discussion Paper: Number 13

The management of three small forests within a proximity of about 10 kms in the district of Eza, Gurage zone, Southern Ethiopia was studied. While the social and ecological profile of the three forests are similar, they have been under differing management systems at one time or another.
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