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Latest Publications

56. FSS Policy Briefing No 25
ታሕሳስ 2003 ዓ.ም.
Author: የራስወርቅ አድማሴ (ዶ/ር) ና ኢዛና አምደወርቅ
አረቂ የማምረት ፣ ንግድና ፍጆታ ማኅበራዊ-ኢኮኖሚያዊ ፋይዳ በኢትዮጵያ

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57. አዲስ አበባን ለማሳደግ በአፄ ኃይለሥላሴ ዘመነ-መንግስት የተደረገ ጥረት (በተካፋይ አይን)
2001 ዓ/ም
Author: ጌታቸው ማኅተመ ሥላሴ
ጥቂት ስለጽሑፉ ይዘት

በዚህ ፅሁፍ የአዲስ አበባ ማዘጋጃ ቤትንና አዲስ አበባን ለማሳደግ የተደረጉ ጥረቶችን በዚሁም ኢንጅነር ጌታቸው የራሳቸው አስተዋፅኦ ምን ይመስል እንደነበር የ1966 አብዮትም ያመጣውን ስር ነቀል ለውጥ እንድንገነዘብ ያደረጉበት ለውይይት የቀረበ ፅሁፍ፡፡
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58. Volume 2 No. 4
March 2001
Editor: FSS
* Poverty Dialogue: The Social Dimension of Poverty
* Management of National Resources: A Workshop
* Debates : Observation on Ethiopia’s INTERIM Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper IPRSP
* Is sustainable Food Security Possible in Ethiopia?
* The Dakar Manifesto
59. FSS Policy Briefing No 24
ነሐሴ 2002 ዓ.ም.
Author: ፐርኒል ሶረንሰን እና ሰሎሜ በቀለ
የችጋር ኑሮና የዕርዳታ ሚና በሰሜን ወሎ
60. Micro- and Small Enterprises as Vehicles for Poverty Reduction, Employment Creation and Business Development: The Ethiopian Experience
Author: Tegegne Gebre-Egziabher and Meheret Ayenew
FSS Research Report: No. 6

In many countries, there is now a wide recognition of the contribution of micro- and small enterprises (MSEs) to economic growth. In a cross-section of both developed and emerging economies, the contribution of the MSE sector to total employment, entrepreneurship and innovation cannot be underestimated. For example, this sector generates about 6.2 percent of the aggregate employment in the United States, 22.3 percent in China, about 80 percent in India, 67 percent in Japan and about 70 percent in EU countries (Carter and Jones-Evans 2004). To further underscore the social and economic importance of micro- and small enterprises, one UN study indicated that the sector represented 99 percent of all enterprises and provided around 65 million jobs in EU countries (UNCTAD 2005).
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