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Latest Publications

36. Development Interventions in Wollaita, 1960s-2000s: A Critical 1Review
Author: Author: Dessalegn Rahmato
FSS Monograph No.4

This study examines the development interventions in Wollaita during the last four and half decades from the point of view of three key determinants of poverty and destitution, namely, population dynamics and land shortage, urbanization and commercialization, and livelihood diversification. The study suggests that a considerable policy shift is needed to put these determinants at center stage and to accelerate the pace of development.
37. LAND TO INVESTORS: Large-Scale Land Transfers in Ethiopia
Author: Dessalegn Rahmato
Under its program of land investments, the Ethiopian government has leased out huge tracts of land to domestic and foreign investors on terms that are highly favorable to both but particularly to foreign ones. This study examines the impact of large-scale land transfers on small farmers and their livelihoods.
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38. FSS Update 44
January -April 2011
Editor: FSS
- የጎዳና ተዳዳሪ ህጻናት አጠቃላይ ሁኔታ በኢትዮጵያ

- የአየር ንብረት ለውጥ፤ የውሃ ሐብትና የኢነርጂ ልማት በኢትዮጵያ

- የፎረም ፎር ሶሻል ስተዲስ አመታዊ ጠቅላላ ጉባኤውን አካሄደ

- National Workshop on Urban Climate Change

- UN Climate Talks (Bangkok, 3-8 April 2011)
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39. ARB Volume 7. Number 1
March/Mars 2011
Editor: Bahru Zewde
* Hegemonic Regime Survival and Legitimation in Uganda: A Review Essay / Moses Khisa
* Burundi History at a Glance /Joseph Gahama
* Anatomy of a Berber Village / Douglas A. Yates
* Pristine Village and Decadent City / Catherine Ndinda
* Is There a Solution to the Problems of Somalia? / Samir Amin
* Y a-t-il une solution aux problèmes de la Somalie? / Samir Amin
* Déculturation, acculturation : Quel devenir pour l’Afrique ? / Soraya Mouloudji-Garroudji
* Sociabilité(s) en Afrique: sociologie de lieux et histoire de sociétés / Farid Marhoum
* APE et mobilisation des ressources nationales au Congo : défis et opportunités / Alain Douathe Koyangozo
* L’université africaine et l’étudiant «international» / Tayeb Rehaïl
* Le climat aujourd’hui et demain: l’Afrique peut-elle réagir? / Bachir Senouci
40. Policy Briefs No. 30
መጋቢት 2003 ዓ.ም.
Author: አለባቸው አደም
የአየር ንብረት ለውጥና የኑሮ ዋስትና በሰሜን ኢትዮጵያ፤
ተፅዕኖው፣ የገጠሩ ህብረተሰብ ተሞክሮና ለወደፊቱ የማጣጣም ሥራ የሚኖረው አንድምታ
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