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Latest Publications

21. ARB Volume 8, Number 2
September/ Septembre 2012
Editor: Bahru Zewde
* The Superwomen of Ancient Dahomey: The World of the Amazons/ Anselme Guezo
* Africa, Japan and China/ Seifudein Adem
* The Afrikaners of South Africa – Settlers or Africans?/ Anthoni van Nieuwkerk
* A Tour of African Culinary History/ Igor Cusack
* Studying Africa in the Context of the Broader Indian Ocean World/ Wossen Ayele
* Memories out of Time/ Recalling Home/ Helen Yitah
* Les révolutions arabes : écrire des processus inachevés/ Mustapha Medjahdi
* Aux origines du génocide rwandais/ Sidi Mohammed Mohammedi
* Quelles politiques pour rendre justice aux femmes africaines ?/ Belkacem Benzenine
* Modernité, citoyenneté et identité en Algérie/ Khedidja Attou
* Les rapports de genre, enjeux des transformations socioéconomiqueset politiques en Afrique/ Yamina Rahou
* Plaidoyer pour la maitrise de l’espace en République Démocratique du Congo/ Noël Obotella Rashidi
22. FSS Update Issue No. 47
June- November 2012
Editor: FSS
- FSS launched a new public dialogue series on Youth and Development
- FSS to get own
- Headquarters
- FSS organized a
- Workshop on Food Security, Safety Nets and Social Protection
- FSS’ Digital Repository goes online
- FSS, IDS organized a workshop on
- stakeholder mapping on Under Nutrition, Climate Change and Gender in Ethiopia
- FSS to launch new capacity building project for CSOs in two regional states
- FSS participated at the 18th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies
- New Acquisitions of the
- FSS Documentation Center
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23. Economic Interactions of Pastoral Lowland and Highland Systems and Implications for Sustainable Livelihoods: A Case Study in Northeastern Ethiopia
Author: Workneh Negatu
FSS Research Report: No. 7

This study investigated the nature, scope and constraints to economic and market interactions of lowland and highland economic systems and the implications of the interactions for secure and sustainable livelihoods of pastoralists. These interactions have been in practice for a long time albeit in a fragmented and irregular manner due to various constraints, including poor transportation and road connections, and source-related conflicts among the Afar, Amhara, Argoba and Oromo communities. The research examined the impacts of such variables as education, wealth, gender and social relations on highland lowland interactions.
24. ARB Volume 7, Number 2
September/ Septembre 2011
Editor: Bahru Zewde
* Centring the Margins: Fifty Years of African Border Studies/ Anthony I. Asiwaju
* ‘Saving Africa From Dangerous Ideas’/ Mutuma Ruteere
* Africa’s Triple Quest/ Garth Le Pere
* Of Tizita, Saints and Sinners/ Assefa Bequele
* Celebrating a Knight of Clio:
* Robin Law and the Merry-Go-Round of Atlantic Africa/ Anselme Guezo
* Un dialogue politique pour l’Afrique/ Sidi Mohammed Mohammedi
* Réflexion(s) sur l’architecture et l’urbanisme en Algérie.
* De la période coloniale à nos jours/ Ammara Bekkouche
* Voiles, identités et visibilité des femmes musulmanes dans l’espace public/ Khedidja Mokeddem
* Pour une anthropologie de l’enfance africaine/ Fatima-Zohra Sebaa-Delladj
* Guerre de libération et nostalgie coloniale.
* Lorsque la ‘nostalgérie’ fait office d’histoire/ Mohammed Harbi et Gilbert Meynier
25. ARB Volume 8, Number 1
March/Mars 2012
Editor: Bahru Zewde
* The Iron Lady of Liberia / Adekeye Adebajo
* Namibian History Writ Large / Henning Melber
* The Enduring Challenge of National Integration/ Bahru Zewde
* Remembering and Reviving Student Activism in Tanzania/ Priya Lal and Samuel Mhajida
* In Search of the Smoking Gun/ Chris Saunders
* Le soulèvement tunisien, une révolte inattendue ?/ Khedidja Mokeddem
* Samir Amin, penseur et homme d’action au long cours/ Hassan Remaoun
* La lecture d’un « Je Echo » de Jean-Luc Raharimanana/ Kahina Bouanane Nouar
* Les Arabo-musulmans en Afrique sub-saharienne/ Hamza Bachiri
* La République Démocratique du Congo à la recherche de la stabilité politique/ Noël Obotela Rashidi
* Les disparités entre les hommes et les femmes dans le sport en Afrique/ Sara Hedia
* Incursion dans les processus du changement culturel en Afrique/ Ammara Bekkouche