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Latest Publications

171. FSS Update Issue No. 18
June & July 2007
Editor: FSS
- FSS Panel at 5th International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
- FSS & HBF Launch New Public Lecture Series
- FSS Promotional Panel at 16th ICES in Norway
- New Acquisitions of FSS Documentation Center
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172. FSS Update Issue No. 19
August 2007
Editor: FSS
- 5th National Conference PHEIs in Ethiopia
- National symposium on engaging the Diaspora for Ethiopia’s development
- 4th National Conference on Pastoralism and Pastoral Development in Ethiopia
- ELIAPA Approves Statute
- New Acquisitions of FSS Documentation Center
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173. FSS Update Issue No. 20
Sept-Oct 2007
Editor: FSS
- Pisa Conference on Armed Conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia
- FSS-HBF Public Lecture on Decentralization
- በኢትዮጵያ ቴሌኮሚኒኬሽ ን ምስረታና እድገት ላይ ውይይት
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174. FSS Update Issue No. 22
November 2007
Editor: FSS
- FSS Seminar on Academic Freedom Consultation Workshop on Up-dated NAP and Road Map
- Public Forum on the Development and Growth of Modern Diplomacy in Ethiopia
- New Acquisitions of FSS Documentation Center
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175. FSS Update Issue No. 23
November 2007
Editor: FSS
- Alexandria encounter on fostering cross-sectoral partnership for development
- Public Lecture on Assessing Regional Integration in Africa
- CSO consultations on governance components of DFID’s draft CAP
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