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Latest Publications

141. FSS Bulletin Vol. 5 , No. 1
Editor: FSS
Author: by Girma Berhanu
Title: The Mismeasure of the Ethiopian Man

Author: by Solomon Hailemariam
Title: Transforming State Broadcasting into Public Service Broadcasting in Ethiopia

Author: by Senait Seyoum
Title: Landmines and Mine Action
142. FSS Bulletin Vol. 5 , No. 2
Editor: FSS
Author: by Yohannes Woldetensae
Title: Teaching Staff Profile in Ethiopian Public Universities: Expansion Challenges and Quality Assurance

Author: by Kedir Assefa Tessema
Title: The Threats of Massification to Educators : The Case of Haramaya University

Author: by Tilaye Kassahun
Title: Research Constraints at the Ethiopian Civil Service College
143. Listening to the Poor: A study Based on Selected Rural and Urban Sites in Ethiopia
Editor: Aklilu Kidanu and Dessalegn Rahmato
Discussion Paper: Number 3

This study was conducted in the context of major economic and political developments that took place in the country recently.One of the main findings of this study is that the majority of the population is drifting form the middle category ten years ago to the lowest category of well-being today. Parallel to this, the proportion of the households in the highest category of well-being have shown a drastic decline.
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144. MEDREK Volume 3 No. 4
November 2001
Editor: FSS
* To Our Readers
* The Private Sector & Poverty Reduction
* Decentralization and Development
* Debate on the IPRSP

o Food Security

o Interim Report

* Book Review
* FM Radio in Ghana

145. The City of Addis Ababa: Policy Options for the Governance and Management of a City with Multiple Identity
Editor: Meheret Ayenew
Discussion Paper: No. 2

This paper argues that the city of Addis Ababa should adopt the council-manager model of government. Ethiopia's foremost city faces complex socio-economic problems that are related to its governance and leadership structure. Addis Ababa should be led by an elected council that will make laws and policies, and a professionally competent management that will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the municipality.
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