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Latest Publications

111. Decentralization in Ethiopia
2007, 2010
Editor: Taye Assefa and Tegegne Gebre-Egziabher
This volume brings together a number of studies on decentralization in Ethiopia. The decentralization drive in the country has proceeded intermittently, in several phases, since 1991 when the present government came to power. The latest phase, which devolves power and responsibility to the district level, was launched in 2001. The volume includes a long review of the available documentation on the subject as well as several papers based on rapid assessments in a number of districts where the decentralization program has been undertaken. The purpose is to identify knowledge gaps, stimulate debate and highlight areas for further research.
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112. ድርቅንና ረሀብን ለመቋቋም የተደረጉ እንቅስቃሴዎች (1966-1983) ቁጥር 1
1997 ዓ/ም
Author: ሽመልስ አዱኛ
ጥቂት ስለጽሑፉ ይዘት

የዕርዳታ ማስተባበሪያና ማቋቋሚያ ኮሚሽን ከተቋቋመበት ከ1966 ጀምሮ ለሚቀጥሉት አስር ያህል ዓመታት በድርቅና በረሀብ የተጎዱ ሰዎችን ሕይወት ለማዳን፣ መልሶ ለማቋቋምና ለምግብ ዕጥረት ዘላቂ መፍትሔ ለመፍጠር የተደረገውን ጥረት የሚያስረዳ የውይይት ጽሑፍ፡፡
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113. MEDREK Volume 4 No. 2
May 2002
Editor: FSS
* Poverty and Poverty Policy

* FSS Participation in Federal PRSP Consultation


o Appropriate Technology & Food Security
o OXFAM: Rigged World

* Trade System

* HIV/Aids in Africa: Girl Power

114. Land Redistribution and Female-Headed Households: A Study in Two Rural Communities in Northwest Ethiopia
Editor: Yigremew Adal
Discussion Paper: Number 5

This paper is an assessment of access to and utilization of productive resources by rural female-headed households. The 1996/97 rural land redistribution carried out by the Amhara Regional Government is taken for comparative examination of access to land by female- and male-headed households.
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115. MEDREK Volume 4 No. 1
February 2002
Editor: FSS
* To Our Readers
* Government, Donors and Poverty Reduction
* Brief Report of FSS Activities in 2001
* Debate on the IPRSP
o Environment
o Poverty, Women and the Informal Sector
* The IMF and the World Bank: Tools of U.S. Foreign Policy