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Government, Donors and Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia
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The focus of discussion of FSS’ Series of Poverty Dialogues has been the Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (I-PRSP), which the Government of Ethiopia had submitted to the World Bank and the IMF. The public discussions have provided appropriate forums for different stakeholders, including the government, the business community, donors and civil society organizations to conduct a meaningful dialogue on enhancing their participation in the PRSP process. Apart from sensitizing the Government of Ethiopia about the need for civil society participation, the public discussions have also generated constructive suggestions to improve the poverty reduction policy document.
This edition contains the three papers presented to the workshop held on 7 December 2001. A distinguished representative of panelists from the Government of Ethiopia, the World Bank and the Development Cooperation of the Royal Netherlands Embassy shared their views on the aims and objectives of the PRSP, and emphasized the need to encourage as much public participation as possible in the preparation and implementation process of the anti-poverty strategy program. They addressed the issue of poverty and poverty reduction in Ethiopia and no doubt that their views and experiences will provide fresh inputs for improving the PRSP of the Ethiopian Government