A New Initiative in Ethiopia               A Center for Research and Policy Dialogue
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   Training and Capacity Building

 Objectives and Program Initiatives

To achieve its mission, FSS is committed to the following objectives:


  • Conduct original research and publication addressing critical development challenges and national policy issues;
  • Promote a democratic tradition of public debate and reflection concerning development problems and issues of public policy;
  • Expand the knowledge base available to government decisions makers and other FSS stakeholders so as to promote a more constructive dialogue between one and the other;
  •  Promote a transparent, participatory and all-inclusive policy making and implementation space;
  • Build FSS as a financially viable organization with the institutional capacity to develop and deliver effective programs and services.

Program Initiatives

To achieve the afore-mentioned objectives, FSS undertakes the following core programs:

  • Conduct public discussions of important development problems and policy initiatives;
  • Involve the wider public in such policy debates through FSS' FM Radio programs;
  • Conduct policy-oriented research and provide policy inputs to decision makers, civil society and the public;
  • Disseminate widely the findings of our policy research among  policy makers, legislators, the wider public as well as among partner research organizations and other institutions of learning;
  • Build a resource center to serve the policy research needs of FSS members, graduate research students, civil society organizations and government decision makers.