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FSS is a membership-based organization and is democratically governed. Its governance structure consists of the General Assembly of all its members, the Board of Advisors, and the Management Committee, which is the executive body of the organization. Its members are drawn from a wide diversity of professions and from different walks of life. By the end of 2010, FSS had 57 members.


Membership is open to all Ethiopian and non-Ethiopians, within and outside the country, who have a minimum of a first degree and who subscribe to the objectives of FSS. 


  • Members are entitled to get all FSS publications at 30% discount;

  • Members would be invited to all major FSS workshops/seminars.


  • Members residing in Ethiopia are expected to pay an annual fee of 200 birr. New members are expected to pay a registration fee of Birr 50; 

  • Membership fee for those residing outside Ethiopia is 20 USD per year. Registration fee is 10 USD.