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   Financial Support
Financial Support

Between its establishment in 1998 until 2005, FSS had received financial support from the following donors:

  1. The Royal Netherlands Embassy
  2. The Royal Norwegian Embassy
  3. DFID
  4. Japan Fund for Global Environment
  5. Germen Development Service
  6. USAID

FSS gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance received in its early days that indeed helped us to become a reputable policy research institute.

Starting from 2006 FSS has been financed by a core grant provided by a Consortium of Donors composed of the following agencies based in Addis Ababa:

  1. Embassy of Norway (through Norwegian Church Aid/Ethiopia)
  2. Ireland Embassy (through Irish Aid/Ethiopia)
  3. Embassy of Denmark
  4. Department for International Development (DFID, UK).

Again, FSS wishes to seize this opportunity to gratefully acknowledges support from the above donors.

Since 2007, FSS has also been able to generate funds by winning project grants from the European Union (on civil society and democracy) and Cordaid (on climate change) and participating in joint projects implemented by a consortium of international and African research institutions, NGOs and universities (e.g., Diaspeace project on the role of the Diaspora in the Horn of Africa, and Up Stream/down stream research project on the Nile River basin).

FSS has been receiving support from CODESRIA for producing the Africa Review of Books (ARB) journal and also from Frederich Ebert Foundation for its Addis Ababa radio program. FSS also generates a limited amount of revenue from sale of its publications in and outside Ethiopia and through modest membership fees.